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InnRes is an online availablity system that makes it easy for Bed and Breakfasts to display their availability. The advantage to this is that as more and more people use the Web to locate rooms, InnRes makes it very easy for a potential visitor to determine what dates and rooms are available, view the Bed and Breakfast website, and contact the Bed and Breakfast through Email, a phone call, or by sending the Bed and Breakfast a reservation request.

Innkeepers using InnRes are realizing increased revenue as they are getting calls and referrals when they can use them, namely, when they have availability.

Prospective guests like InnRes. They avoid the frustration of calling dozens of inns, trying to find one with an available room. With InnRes they are directed to those inns with availability.

Browser Based No software to download or install. Using a Web browser innkeepers can enter, update, and display availability.
Easily Updated Sign in, click on your monthly calendar, enter the number of rooms available for each date, and click on Update. At that point your availability can be seen by anyone searching the web for available lodging. With InnRes you can enter or change your booking information anytime, day or night.
Ideal For Groups As a member you can share availability information within your group to make accurate referrals and increase your and your group's bookings. Groups can also use a Meeting/Events Calendar to post Events and Meetings with Agendas. The Group can opt to send automatic Email notices to all members when a new Event is scheduled or cancelled.
Spend More Time With Your Guests If you are getting referrals from neighboring inns when your inn is full and you should be entertaining your guests and not answering the phone, InnRes can help eliminate these needless calls.
Your Choice of Availability Display You can display your availability by room, by category of rooms, or as a display by day of Some or No Rooms available.
Display From Your Web site If your inn has a web presence you can link from your site to InnRes and prospective guests can check your availability before they call, saving you time and money. Guests can also make a Reservation Request for your inn, or if you do not have availability they can place their names on a "Wait List".
Statistics As you update your availabilty we keep the information on file so you can do year to year occupancy comparisons. You can also enter historical information and do comparisons and trend analysis. Additionally, at an additional charge, we can monitor your site for page hits and recommend which Search Engines and services you should subscribe to.
Pricing Prices: The cost of InnRes  is $79 per year.
If you are signing up as part of a group, we offer group discounts.
Other advantages are:
  • You can print out your bookings in calendar form for use in your Inn.
  • As you update, the information is available to the other inns in your "association" and to visitors looking for lodging using the Internet.
  • You can display and print the availability figures for all the association's inns.
  • You can save guest preferences for future reference.

To look at the features view the PDF document. You can view it online or download it.

To view what a prospective guest will see, go to Your guests will have a number of viewing options. They can display a list of all association inns with availability on the days they wish to visit, or view a list of all of the Bed and Breakfasts regardless of availability. With both displays, each inn's entry has a link to their web site, their telephone number, e-mail link and reservation request link. Also, note that InnRes does not give your prospective guests your actual availability data, rather an indication if all, some or no rooms are available.

InnRes is used every day by several associations, large and small. With InnRes they have "instant" room availability information for all the Inns, simply by accessing the InnRes web site.

You will like InnRes. For further information please contact us at

Last Updated: October 21, 2002
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